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Grilled Maine lobster with Thai green curry and tender celeriacNew Dish Alert! Grilled Maine lobster with Thai green curry and tender celeriac
November 20, 2015
Chef Stephen Gillanders is continuously rolling out exciting new courses onto Intro’s a la carte menu and the Grilled Maine Lobster with Thai Green Curry and Tender Celeriac will surely become a star entree.
The superior piece of Maine lobster is grilled to perfection while the tender celeriac is cooked in a lemon tea; taking on an artichoke like quality. Both components arrive in a pool of vivid emerald green Thai curry cut with a little creme fraiche. Dressed in lime juice and topped with drops of lobster oil, the dish is beautiful in texture and flavor.
This dish stays true to Chef Gillanders “destination based” cuisine, marked by numerous Southeast Asian influences. The green curry is a tribute to Chef Gillanders travels to Thailand. However, Chef Gillanders’ green curry is much more greener than a traditional Thai green curry, as he reintroduces an herb puree of shallot, tarragon, coriander, cilantro, lemongrass, cumin, parsley, dill, chive to the curry just before it is plated.
The characteristics of the Maine lobster match that of the green curry itself, bold and sweet. The Maine lobster is particularly famous for its soft-shell lobsters, mature lobsters that have recently shed their shells. These lobsters offer tender meat and have a very pronounced, succulent taste that is on the sweeter side.
With all the pops of color and flavors at play, Chef Gillanders has once again offered a beautiful dish that is richly satisfying.
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