The World’s Best Beef at Intro: A5 Miyazaki Waygu

July 21, 2015

A5 Miyazaki Waygu is the indisputable Rolls Royce of Japanese beef. It is renown for its cherry red color, smooth velvety tenderness and rich, buttery flavor. It is unrivaled in offering a memorable taste that lingers on the palate. These unique characteristics are created by the large proportion of evenly distributed unsaturated fat (oleic acid) in the meat, which to many resembles snowflakes. It begins to dissolve at a temperature of 16°C (60.8°F), literally melting right in the mouth. For a connoisseur of fine beef, it is an unparalleled experience. In Japan, restaurants that offer Miyazaki Wagyu on their menus are even requested to put up an authorization notice in their establishment. As you can imagine, we are very proud to be carrying A5 Miyazaki Wagyu here at Intro. Our Robata Yaki grilled A5 Miyazaki Waygu strip loin glazed with onion caramel paired with roasted porcini mushrooms and finished with an oyster leaf invites guests to create a very special menu tasting. Side Note: The “A” of "A5" means the yield grade, while "5" shows the quality grade which accounts for marbling, meat color and brightness, firmness and texture, and luster of fat.