Hamachi Sashimi with Black Sesame Ponzu, Avocado & Puffed Sushi Rice

December 18, 2015

Listed as one of Zagat's "10 Best Things We Ate and Drank in Chicago in 2015", the Hamachi Sashimi dish at Intro has surely caught the media's attention. An array of delicate sashimi grade hamachi slices provide a very satisfying mouth-feel, while the puffed sushi rice introduces a pleasant crunchiness to the dish. Chef Stephen Gillanders' Hamachi Sashimi also packs a surprising punch, thanks to the black sesame ponzu dressing and diced avocado topped with drops of chili oil. chili Sushi grade yellowtail, more commonly known as Hamachi, is one of the most popular fish varieties used for sushi and sashimi around the world. Hamachi are raised in a stress free environment; allowing the fish to gain a high fat content which results in the desired buttery texture and a rich flavor. Though Hamachi is available year round, it is considered best in winter. The translucent, pinkish white flesh of the Hamachi slices offers a subtle backdrop against the vibrancy of the great avocado greens and red chili oil drops. chef The dish is garnished with thinly sliced scallions and finished black sesame seeds that have been simmered until tender, which results in the seeds taking on both the texture and appearance of caviar. Though Chef Gillanders' Hamachi Sashimi is listed on the a la carte menu as a "to share" item, guests will surely be contending for the last bite. Chef Stephen Gillanders continues to showcase his masterful manipulation of global flavors and shares dishes that are inspired by his travels. As the year comes to a close and some reflection is called for, come join us and reflect on perhaps what might be the best thing you have in 2015.