Chinese Christmas Eve Dinner at Intro!

December 10, 2015

As the holiday season is rolling in, Intro is rolling out some amazing special events to celebrate! First on the list is a special Chinese Christmas Eve Dinner by Chef-in-Residence Stephen Gillanders that will be offered in addition to our current and ever evolving a la carte menu. The dazzling array of dishes on this special menu include a Truffle Egg Drop Soup with consommé, charred scallions & black winter truffles; Whole Roasted Peking Duck with traditional and non-traditional garnishes & condiments; and Foie Gras Fried Rice with a sunny side egg and chili-ginger cracklings. Dish Highlight: Foie Gras Fried Rice with a Sunny Side Egg and Chili-Ginger Cracklings The Foie Gras Fried Rice is a great opening act to Chef Gillanders' Christmas Eve menu. The Hudson Valley foie gras is seared in grape seed oil and then placed on a bed of rice that has been tossed in a ginger, garlic and leek blend. ingredients The secret to a great fried rice is using day old rice that has been dried out so that the grains can maintain a fluffy yet toasted texture. egg The dish is beautifully finished with a heavy sprinkle of fried duck skin and ginger crumbs. sprinkle After a feast comprised of classic Chinese dishes reinvented by Chef Gillanders, handmade black and white chocolate fortune cookies with fortunes written by our Intro team cap off the night. Join Intro on Thursday December 24, Christmas Eve, for a special dinner celebration that is sure to delight all of your holiday guests. This is a festive dinner intended for everyone celebrating the holiday, the end of the shopping season and for anyone who is just looking for a fun night of great food. In this fun and festive approach to Christmas Eve Dinner, Chef Gillanders shares his experiences and travels to various regions of China and brings them home for the holidays. The multi-course Chinese Christmas Eve Dinner will be available for $95 per person, individual dishes will be available a la carte as well. For more information and to make your reservation go to reserve tab or call 773-868-0002. Please note that Frequent Diner Club Points are not redeemable that evening.