About Dim Sum

February 19, 2017

Stephen, CJ & Aaron are not only Intro alums, but also friends. “For this new concept, we wanted to create a menu of things that we love to eat,” says Intro’s Executive Chef, Stephen Gillanders. “I have eaten so many amazing foods during my experience traveling in Asia and with this menu, I picked some of my favorites from certain categories: noodles, seafood, meat, vegetables, dumplings, and more.”  The menu will be a collaboration between the three chefs, reflective of all their cooking styles. An a la carte menu or multi-course, family-style menu for the table are available and will feature dim sum, vegetables, noodles and fried rice and family-style feasts. Sunday dim sum brunch and a dim sum cooking class will follow. “There is a very natural harmony to the way the three of us cook. We all enjoy being around each other and being in the same kitchen provides us the ability to bounce ideas off of one another. Having that dynamic results in a better product because after all, two heads are better than one and we have three.” – says Gillanders.