An Inside Look into Intro’s Transformation

November 2, 2015

Intro's transformation is now complete. The green vines and foliage so signature of Chef Aaron Martinez's duration at Intro have metamorphosed into a space reflective of our newest Chef-In-Residence Stephen Gillanders' influence and style. The overall impression of the decor is a tasteful elegance of modern antiquity that is both approachable and comfortable much like Chef Gillanders' new a la carte menu. Now, deep folds of copper-silver silk drape the ceiling and burgundy brown art pieces adorn the walls while floating golden orbs illuminate the restaurant. The palette change alone is a bold mark of a new season and a new chef-in-residence. chalk The transformation of Intro takes only a week. During that time, there are a lot of moving parts working together for one goal- being ready for opening night. Within a week's time the Lettuce Entertain You design team is scattered throughout the space and our artists come to reinvent. Each day is filled with numerous meetings. While our plate ware specialist is meeting with our chefs to find the perfect plate for each course, our mixologist is meeting with our managers to create new cocktails that complement Chef Stephen Gillanders' new menu. art In that same week our talented group of servers undergo a rigorous training schedule...learning new steps of service, expanding their knowledge of wine and food pairings, tasting each new menu item and conducting mock services to prepare for when actual diners arrive at Intro. staff training Intro's kitchen becomes reminiscent of a culinary school. With more than 25 new items on Intro's first a la carte menu, the kitchen is certainly bustling. All the chefs have their notebooks out and pay special attention to how each new a la carte dish is prepared and plated by Chef Stephen Gillanders. New techniques and cooking tips are shared. It is during this week that a great sense of camaraderie is built between the incoming chef-in-residence and his new team. chef It is truly in this transformative week that Intro is most reflective of the type of restaurant it was always meant to be- one with a strong sense of continuous education, reinvention and growth.